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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Bad Job News for the Holidays
General Motors announced major layoffs this week, in the days running up to the holidays. Many argue this is a horrible time of year to lay off workers while others say it is better to do it now before those same workers run up large credit card bills during the holiday shopping period. Either way, it's a nasty shock to the workers and the related industries that will feel the ripple effect from the downsizing.

The end of the year is a time that many companies use to look at their budgets and projected sales in the new year and decide to make cuts in personnel. Human capital is one of the greatest expenses companies have in their operations and if sales aren't there to support the need for workers, the workers will usually be the first thing cut.

Now is a good time for you to take an objective look at your company to see if you need to be starting to look for new employment. A layoff is a hugely emotional event for those effected. That emotional impact can be lessened by preparation. Just as evacuation before a devasting storm can lessen the emotional toll taken by event, being ready with a well-written resume can ease the emotional impact of a layoff.

Are you in an industry or company that is ripe for a downsizing? Are sales meeting expectations? Is the market growing? Is the industry affected by factors that are not controllable such as fuel prices or weather? Is the company heavy on managers and too light on workers? Is there a merger or acquisition looming? Has there been a change in top echelon management? Is demand for the technology lessening? Are your job skills outdated and in danger of being replaced by newer technology?

The bad time to have your resume prepared is after getting taken by surprise with a pink slip. You are in a state where it is hard to think objectively and your access to necessary resources is limited. Being able to look at past documentation concerning projects and accomplishments you've completed makes preparing a resume a great deal easier and produces a better document. If you have been laid off, your access to such information will either be limited to your memory or completely nonexistent.

The best time to have a resume prepared is when you do not need one. You have more time to think about it, the funds to have it done by an accomplished professional writer, and the access to past evaluations, documents, hard data, and other information that makes a resume hard-hitting. If you have a resume prepared at all times and updated within the past few months, you are ready for opportunities that knock or lay offs that come by surprise. Be a good scout and be prepared!

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