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How to Get Answers to Questions You Can't Ask in an Interview

By Michael Evans – (Founder of

In today’s employment environment it is more difficult than ever to find companies that not only pay well but also have the stability and staying power to build a long term career. In recent years we have seen the fall of many major corporations and one must carefully choose a position with a positive future. Jobseekers are challenged with many questions during their analysis of potential employers. Will this company be around in 5 years? Or even 2 years? Does this company have good benefits? Are others in this position paid the same way I will be? What is the employee turn over like? Is this a strong product or service? These are questions that everyone wants to ask during an interview but not always can. Obviously, they can damage your chances of getting hired because they may give a negative impression to the hiring manager. You must be sure to seem positive and driven even if you have a cautious mentality when interviewing.

The internet is giving employees and job seekers the ability to voice their opinion about their current and previous employment experiences. This is a tremendous resource that gives employees more leverage over companies that may have unethical business practices or substandard employee conditions while providing a well needed check and balance in the hiring and recruiting process. It is standard procedure for companies to do a reference check on candidates to verify employment history and experience. Candidates should also audit companies before they accept a job. The truth is that headhunters, placement agencies, and hiring companies don’t always have the best interests of the job seeker in mind. is a place to exchange information about companies and positions. It also allows users to check out what others have to say about their current and past employment experiences. There are company specific answers to question about compensation, benefits, interview tips, personal experiences and advice, the types of questions that candidates tend not to ask during an interview. You can also network with others who have worked at a particular company and even contact them directly. If you want to discuss your own employment experiences you can share them with other jobseekers so they can learn from your past successes and avoid road blocks you have hit along the way. is Empowering Employees Everywhere with the ability to share information during their job search. Take the time to check out before you interview with your next company. You may just get the information you need to help land a better job.


We specialize in working with professionals in the high tech, engineering, and manufacturing industries to organize, direct, and accomplish their career goals. Our knowledge of technology and our expertise in these rapidly changing industries set us apart from all other career services firms and provides outstanding value to our clients. See how we can help your Career by reading our Blog.
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