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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Get Ahead of the Good Intentioned
As we move into the full-blown holiday season with all the events, parties, chores, and traditions that go along with it, many people who are considering changing jobs feel it is better to wait until after the first of the year to begin their job search. Many people make a new year resolution of finding a more satisfying job and don’t get started looking until the first or second week in January. It would be better to get started working on that resolution now rather than wait. There are several reasons for not putting off getting started on your job search until January:

Beat the crowd. Just as those who are really organized and smart do their Christmas shopping in January for the next year, those who want to beat out the competition don’t put off their job searching until January. Getting started now gets your name in the race ahead of the hordes of competition who are “resolution hunters”. Employers know those who apply in January are more than likely just fishing the market to see what’s out there; but job seekers who brave a job search in December, in addition to all the holiday rush, are really serious about looking for a better opportunity.

Clear Budgetary Picture. Companies whose fiscal years renew on January 1 are searching NOW for candidates to fill the positions that will be hired in the new year. If you wait until January, most new or renewed positions will already be filled by those who beat the rush. If a company needs someone in the slot and working by the second week in January, they are already looking right now for the right candidate. Wait until January and you’ll miss out.

The holiday season is also used as an economic indicator to many companies. If sales go well over the holiday for the company or other industries that affect the company, it gives forecasters a better feel for human capital needs for the upcoming year. They can usually tell by the first week in December if their hiring needs are on target or need to be increased. Getting your foot in the door now will give you a leg up when they start moving.

Tax Implications. Job search expenses are tax-deductible in most cases. By conducting your job search now, you can deduct the expenses on your 2005 taxes. Be sure to check with your accountant or tax professional for details.

Better Networking. The holiday season is prime networking season and can be a great benefit to a job search. Use the holiday parties to network to your next job rather than to just double your normal intake of food and drink. January is a dull month for meetings. Attendance is usually down at events that normally would be good networking opportunities during January due to weather and burnout by the holidays. Catch people in good spirits during the holidays and you can leverage that bonhomie into good job search results.

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