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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Clear Email Communications
The Internet was originally created by scientists to share data concerning defense issues but not long after scientists’ early initiation to the ‘net, it was discovered that the new network was used more for communication than for data sharing. Scientists were chatting via email on subjects near and dear to their heart, namely Star Trek and science fiction. Since the inception of the Internet, email has been known as the “Killer App” and is now one of the most preferred methods of communication.

The Internet has revolutionized job search methods and email is an integral part of finding and landing a new career opportunity. Unfortunately, many job seekers assume that the email messages they send in the process of their job searches can be as informal as those they send to their list of buddies or their grandma. An email message is often the first impression that a recruiter or hiring manager will have of a potential employee. It’s very important that that message project a professional, intelligent message.

Here are a few guidelines for composing and sending email messages in your job search:

-Use capital letters where appropriate – at the beginning of sentences, proper nouns, etc. sentences that don’t have capitalization where appropriate give an impression of sloppiness, unprofessionalism, laziness, and immaturity. you were taught in school when and where to use capitals so use them in your emails just as you would in a formal business letter.

-Proofread your message before you send it. Don’t just spell check it – actually reread it and proofread it for syntax, spelling, and message. It helps if you start at the end and read the sentences backwards, word for word. That makes your mind concentrate on the words rather than what you “thought” you wrote.

-Select your words carefully. We’ve all been victims of misunderstandings in communication and email can exacerbate that problem. Tone of voice, inflection, and facial expressions can’t be conveyed in email so it is imperative that you select words that project a positive attitude and cannot be misconstrued.

-Hold your temper. The fastest way to get blacklisted by recruiters (they DO share notes, you know) is to lambaste one of them in an email. Job search can be frustrating, especially in the sluggish economy we are presently experiencing. Don’t take out that frustration on anyone who is in a position to sink your chances of getting hired.

-Use your name, email, and phone number in your signature.

-Specify text format of your email. Not everyone can or choose to receive HTML emails.

-Don’t be a pest. Email is easy and fast but that doesn’t mean that you should use it to continually pester recruiters and hiring managers. No more than one communication of any type (phone, email, letter) a week is the rule of thumb.

Email can be an excellent tool in your job search and can make it much easier. Don’t mess up the advantages it offers by misuse and bad etiquette. There are many etiquette

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