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Monday, June 05, 2006
It's Quittin' Time
You are in a job that pays fairly well. You like your co-workers and your boss. But something just isn’t right. Maybe the work isn’t challenging or maybe there’s too much of it – you are carrying the loads of the three workers who were laid off last month. Maybe there is no room for growth or upward mobility on the career ladder. It might be something as simple as too long a commute distance that cuts into your family time. Whatever it is, it is making for a less-than-satisfactory employment situation. What should you do?

Consider your health. Is your job causing so much stress that it is affecting your health? Many metabolic disorders such as diabetes or thyroid problems will crop up during stressful times in life. Serious conditions such as cancer or stroke have been proven to have direct correlation to stress levels. Don’t let your job stress you so much that it makes you sick. A job can be replaced but good health is difficult to regain.

Think of your family. Do you only see your children when they are asleep after you get home? Are weekends so crammed with errands that you can’t do during the week that you are left with no time for fun? Do you talk with your wife or husband more through email than face-to-face? It might be time for a good hard look at your work-life balance.

Where’s the fun? One of the best measurements of whether it’s time for a job change is whether you still enjoy the job. If you are not having fun at the job or at least feeling productive and successful, why are you still doing it? Life is not a dress rehearsal. We only get one shot at this so don’t waste it by being miserable.

What are your priorities? I know a couple who are mortgaged past their eyeballs, have two new cars on which they are paying, a new boat, and are putting in a pool. They both have to work full-time plus overtime just to make all the payments and stay ahead of the repo man. When you overload yourself financially, your job becomes more a paycheck than a profession.

Is there a Boogeyman? Sometimes you love your job but there is one person in the workplace that just makes life horrible. Sometimes that person has serious power over your future. In that case, it might be best to start searching for something new that will offer a safer environment.

Is the job a good fit? Some people just can’t stand being in an office all day. Some prefer to work alone. Some want to be outside or traveling. If you are doing something that simply does not fit your personality, you are not going to be successful and you are not going to enjoy it. Look for something that does fit and can make you happy.

If you decide to look for a new job, make sure you leave the old one in a positive way. Always provide a minimum of two weeks notice (longer if your job is complex or high-level). Always finish projects before you leave or do a very good job in passing them on to the new person or others on the team. Put your resignation in writing on paper (not email) just to cover all your bases. Be ethical and treat the situation as if you were the employer – think how you would want YOUR employees to act. Never burn bridges when you resign a job.

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