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Monday, July 10, 2006
That's Impressive
“One recruiter said he liked it at first glance and it seemed impressive, that's it for now.”

“Of those that did respond, most said my resume was impressive but the client was looking for specific skills and experience not evident.”

“The recruiters who have seen it say it’s an impressive resume but that’s it – no interviews set up.”

“I have an HR friend who looked my resume over and said it was impressive but it’s not getting interviews. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“I’ve been told I have an impressive background by several recruiters but I am not getting the number of interviews I would expect.”

These are actual quotes from job seekers who have contacted us for a new resume because they are simply not receiving responses from their old “impressive” resumes. These comments are very representative of the confusion that most job seekers face in the job market when fielding a resume that isn’t working. Typically, a job seeker will spend several hours constructing a resume then send it to friends and colleagues for opinions. Because they are “friends and colleagues”, it is almost guaranteed they will not be brutally honest with the job seeker about either the state of the resume or the job seeker’s marketability.

The same is true for recruiters. Recruiters generally don’t give honest, truthful remarks about a candidate’s resume, especially if the recruiter doesn’t have a particular position that fits at the moment. Never burn any bridges – that’s a recruiter’s motto. If a job seeker doesn’t fit any open positions at the moment, that doesn’t mean the perfect position won’t come open next week and you don’t want to go back to a candidate that you’ve ticked off.

Unfortunately, the lack of honest feedback on a resume can be deadly. If a job seeker is using a poor resume, but everyone around him is afraid to tell him/her it’s a stinker, the job seeker is at a severe disadvantage. He is fielding a marketing document that doesn’t work and depending on it to win interviews. It’s a false sense of security and progress.

We review hundreds of resumes a week. Each resume is individually reviewed and a professional resume writer provides the job seeker with candid, often uncomfortable feedback on the efficacy of the resume as a marketing document in today’s job market. Not only do we tell the job seeker what is wrong with the resume, but WHY it’s wrong. The why part is crucial because resume writing is very subjective. Ask 10 different writers an opinion on a resume and you will receive 10 very different reports. But if we can tell you WHY something doesn’t work, you understand and are better helped.

Sure, we’d like to write your resume for you and many job seekers realize they need an ally like our firm in the job market who can guarantee results. They put their trust in us to market them successfully. Some take our resume feedback and rework their own resumes. That’s okay, too. At least we were of help and we are glad of that. Our ultimate goal is to help everyone find their next job quickly, easily, and with as little pain as possible. Many who attempt to rework their resumes eventually end up returning to us for a new resume anyway because excellent resume writing is more than “impressive” wording. It’s strategy, know-how, and experience.

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We specialize in working with professionals in the high tech, engineering, and manufacturing industries to organize, direct, and accomplish their career goals. Our knowledge of technology and our expertise in these rapidly changing industries set us apart from all other career services firms and provides outstanding value to our clients. See how we can help your Career by reading our Blog.
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