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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Career Far-Sightedness
Have you noticed all the advertisements on television in the past few months that concern retirement? It seems like everyone is pushing retirement financial management and other related services to the Baby Boomers. Maybe it’s because I’ve passed a milestone birthday this year but these commercials have been catching my eye, even though I’m not a Baby Boomer but rather the generation between Baby Boomers and Gen X. I wonder about these advertisements because it seems a bit late for Baby Boomers to be tackling retirement investing. Shouldn’t they already have their investments locked in?

Job search can be like investing. You really need to think long-term when you are searching for your next job. Is the job you are seeking now going to be a good stepping stone for the rest of your career? Is the company going to be a long-term employer or just an organization that gives you a boost? When you are planning out your career moves, pause for a moment and think ahead ten years. By looking at where you want to be at that point, you will be better able to judge what is right for you now.

Like Baby Boomers, you need to think about your age, too. Most Americans change jobs at least six different times over their lifetimes and change complete career fields three times. Many change jobs more often; techies tend to cycle through jobs about every 18 months. Depending on where you are in your life will impact the decisions you make about your next career move. Are you looking for the final job in your career from which you will retire? Are you looking for a rainmaker job to boost your income? Are you looking for something that allows for growth within the company or growth of skills?

Framing your resume to position you for the next job is not only a tactical action but it can be a strategic one when you look at your career path over time. Some things cannot be anticipated such as burnout, industry downturns, economic changes but you can outline where you want to take your career. A plan never hurts.

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