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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
A Million Dollar Resume
“Will the resume you write for me win me a $500,000 job?” That was the question I was asked today by a prospective client. I wished I could say “Heck yes!” but I couldn’t and remain honest. Resumes don’t win jobs. Resumes win interviews. People win jobs. Once the resume gets you into the interview, a whole new set of factors comes into play.

With this particular gentleman, his qualifications and salary history would justify a new salary of around $150,000 give or take a few thousand. He had good leadership experience, was in a growing industry, and had a solid track record of success. We could write a resume that would open doors for him. Once he stepped through those doors, the resume was secondary, serving more as an agenda for the interview. He could probably expect a salary offer that was commensurate with his qualifications.

Does that mean that two different people with similar backgrounds and qualifications can expect to earn the same salaries? Not necessarily. Circumstance, opportunity, education, initiative, and a myriad of other factors affect earning power. I’ve seen a diverse range of salary expectations from people with similar backgrounds. What makes the difference? The choices they have made in life, the opportunities they have been afforded, and often the risks they take.

I know a beautiful (and I mean drop dead gorgeous) young woman who was smart and had everything going for her. Her brains and her appearance could take her very far and very high in the business world. Unfortunately, she made some poor choices and is now a single mother attending a community college a few nights a week and waitressing to make ends meet. Her choices affected the rest of her life.

For an example at the other end of the scale, look at Bill Gates. He was on the traditional track to average success when he saw the opportunity for licensing software to the computer hardware industry. He took the risk and made the move. We all know the rest of the story. His choices affected the rest of his life.

Are you facing choices in your career or life? Is there risk involved? Are you missing opportunities because you simply aren’t ready to respond? Think about it.

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