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Friday, October 20, 2006
A Neat Trick
Have you ever been surfing around on an online job board and seen a job advertisement that just seems made for you? It asks for all the same qualifications you have, is the right job title, right salary range – everything seems perfect. The only problem is that it is a blind ad. A blind ad is a job advertisement where the company is not named and the email provided goes to blind email address. Before applying, you would really like to know which company it is because it would be REALLY embarrassing if it was your current employer.

Here’s a neat little trick to try. It might not work all the time but at least you can get close. Left click and copy the verbiage of the job advertisement then past into a search engine like Google. Put the entire advertisement in quotation marks so the engine knows to look for that specific set of words. You might just come up with same job advertisement -- only listed on the company’s website. Now you know the company that posted the blind ad and you might have better luck getting your resume noticed by going through the company site rather than through the big job board, especially if you happen to have a network connection in the company.

Are you tired of all the MLM offers, commission-only insurance sales offers, and other “spam” type offers that flood your email box after you post your resume on the big job boards? Part of this is because these entities sweep up emails from the resume database and do massive mail campaigns. There are a few things you can do about this. First of all, choose an online job board that is specific to your industry or job type instead of a large, general one. Second, use an email address that you have set up specifically for job search, preferably one that is a free account that you can ditch later when you have acquired your next job. Third, set up filters on your email application to filter these into you spam folder; just be sure to check your spam folder before emptying. You wouldn’t want to throw out a legitimate offer.

Internet job search is supposed to make job search easier but it brings with it its own complications. Maximize the benefits and reduce the hassles as much as possible by using technology to its utmost.

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