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Monday, February 26, 2007
Telecommuting as a Resume Benefit
Everyone wants to work from home these days and with technology being what it is, it is very possible for many to work from home offices with only a couple of days “in the office” a week. Work from home is a big draw to employees and companies who offer that opportunity are in demand. Of course, there are always the “work from home” scammers but I’m referring to real companies that provide their employees the opportunity to work from home offices. More and more companies see the benefits of telecommuting both to productivity and to overhead costs.

We work with many clients who note they would like a telecommuting opportunity and we work with many more who actually do work from a home office. Often these clients are in positions that require a great deal of travel such as sales or project management, but sometimes they are more core business positions such as accounting. Everyone wants to know how to find these jobs but the easiest way to find a telecommuting job is to have already proven you can work productively from home.

Have you thought about making the fact that you work from home an asset that is highlighted on your resume and in your cover letter? Savings realized by telecommuting can add up to thousands for the company per employee. If you can bring experience working from home that shows you can do so successfully, it could be a deciding factor in interviewing.

It’s scary for companies to find employees for a telecommuting position. Most of the time, they are filled from within because the company already has an idea how the employee works unsupervised and self-guided. Hiring a new employee where telecommuting could be an option is risky. By showing that you have been a successful telecommuter in the past and produced well for your employers in a telecommuting situation, you take some of that risk away.

It’s also important to evaluate your work habits objectively before accepting a telecommuting position. I personally know someone who works from home who really struggles to keep to a schedule, stay organized, stay focused, and work productively. She usually rushes at the last minute to meet deadlines because she hasn’t been able to use her time wisely in her home office. Working from home is not for everyone and should not be considered as an option for everyone. Companies know that and if you can show you have been successful working from home in the past, you are more likely to find a similar telecommuting position in the future.

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