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Written by Teena Rose of Resume to Referral Teena Rose is a certified and published resume writer and author of "20-Minute Cover Letter Fixer" and "Cracking the Code to Pharmaceutical Sales" (available at Conducting a job search using the Internet has definitely transfo. . .

5 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Resume in 10 Minutes

Follow these quick and easy tips to build yourself a better resume in under 10 minutes flat. * Use strong, action oriented language that describes specific skills or accomplishments. Go through your resume from top to bottom and eliminate weak language. Don't write "Was in charge of large graphi. . .

"7 Deadly Cover Letter Writing Sins"

Don't start off your job search with one (or more) strikes against you by committing any of these common cover letter blunders. Each is easy to avoid, but they can sink your chances of an interview if you include them in your letter. 1. Sending your letter to the wrong person, location, or depart. . .

"How to Create a Great Electronic Resume"

After creating the perfect resume, you then need to distribute it. You'll likely be sending some professionally printed hard copies, especially to "A list" companies or organizations you've set your sights on. But just as likely, you'll be distributing other copies electronically. Presuming you'v. . .

3 Interviewing Mistakes

by Carole Martin, The Interview Coach Since no two interviews are alike, it is difficult to be prepared for what lies ahead, but you can focus on your presentation skills, which may be even more important than what you have to say. Three areas of performance, which should be considered dangerous . . .

10 Simple ways to Clear Clutter from your Home and Office

Internet By BZ Riger-Hull, Certified Success Coach 1. Hold the intention that the only three things aloud on your writing desk is a lamp, a small vase for flowers, and a photograph or two. That's it! When you get up from your desk put everything else away except those three things. 2. Sort your. . .

10 Steps to Escape the Job World and Create the Life You ...

[1038 WORDS] Copyright Valerie Young 1. GET THE POINT -- OF LIFE, THAT IS. It's one of those things that is worth repeating -- life is all too short. And, few among us will look back in our old age and wish we'd gone to more meetings or put in more overtime. The point is, despite pressure to "pl. . .

10 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

1. Be sure that everyone in your household understands how the space in your home office is to be used, when "business" hours are, etc. 2. Choose a location that is conducive to conducting business. As much as possible, keep this separate from your personal living space. 3. Choose comfortable. . .

10 ways to protect your financial identity being used for...

Internet 10 ways to protect your financial identity being used for someone else’s shopping spree By BZ Riger-Hull, Certified Success Coach Someone impersonating you could be spending your hard-earned money. Impossible! Not really, check, loan, and identity fraud are a. . .

13 Ways to Improve your Perseverance Quotient

You may not have control over what happens to you in every season or cycle of your life, but you most certainly have a choice as to how you deal with everything that happens to you. You may experience health problems, business setbacks and personal difficulties, and have to face the consequence. . .

21st Century Career Success

21St Century Career Success When it comes to modern career development, one thing we can all count on is change. With the advent of technology, telecommuting, and E-commerce, how work is performed is in a state of reinvention. Self-employment and small business development will become more the . . .

4 Strategies That Will Help You Develop An Effective Acti...

1. Your goal Planning a career move is much like mapping your route for a road trip. If you don't know where you are going, you can't decide how to get there, but if you do know where you are going, you'll get there faster. Goals like "Go back to school" are too general and not specific enough. . . .

4 Ways to Staying Highly Motivated

Where you are today is a direct result of the actions you have taken in your past. The degree of happiness and success you enjoy today is the fruits of your past labor. If you are not where you want to be today – then you need take action – daily and consistent action to be specific. The level . . .

5 Facts You Must Know When Changing Careers

5 Facts You Must Know When Changing Careers Copyright © 2005 Theresa Castro, MBA Discover Your Dream Jobhttp://www.HealingandEnlightenment.comToo often in life, we fail. We fail not because we set our goals to high and miss achieving our aspirations. Instead, we fail because we set our dreams too . . .

5 Result-Getting Time Management Tips

By Steve Brunkhorst How often have you tried to manage your time in more productive ways, and found the process to be difficult and confusing? Perhaps you simply gave up on the idea. As one friend said, "Time management takes too much time!" These tips will simplify time management with five imp. . .

5 Simple Strategies for Keeping Your Life Stuck

One of the most common statements I hear when I talk with potential clients is, "I feel stuck." People find themselves feeling stuck in different ways. They may be in a relationship that no longer is working, but they don't know how to leave. They may have a dream of starting their own business, . . .

5 Ways to Prevent Heat Exhaustion in the Workplace

Individuals who work in industrial workplaces suffer from heat exhaustion on a daily basis. Some work environments can get as high as 45 degrees which can potentially become very dangerous for workers. Heat exhaustion is a condition which is caused by over exposure to heat which results in the de. . .

7 Essential Elements of Leading Change

In my practice as an organizational effectiveness consultant, the most frequent phone call I receive involves clients and prospective clients asking how to overcome resistance to change in their organizations. Throughout my book, Strategic Organizational Change, I recommend a strategy-driven appr. . .

7 Essential Elements To Every Organizational Change

[This article is based on excerpts from the special report "Overcoming Resistance to Change" by Dr. Mike Beitler.] Senior management often creates a plan for implementing an organizational change while completely ignoring the following elements necessary for every organizational change. Without t. . .

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