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Hi Alesia: Remember when I said "Who IS this person? I'd hire him in a heartbeat!" after reviewing the resume you created for me? Well, guess who did? XXXXXXX, and I only had to send out one resume. Unbelievable, Alesia. You are the best. Thanks so much.

Stephen Kehoe, Marketing VP

To my "favorite job coach:" I'm sending you this fruit basket as a token of my deep appreciation. Not only did I land that VP position, I also got a $17,000 compensation increase. Never could have done it without you. Fruit basket is the least I could do. Enjoy!

Don Orrick, Operations Executive

Ms. Benedict: you don't know me, but one of your clients sent me their resume during their job search (I am an executive search firm and place engineering professionals). Let me just say this: I have seen thousands of resumes throughout my career, but I was truly impressed with the resume your client presented. So impressed, in fact, that I asked him where he had it done and wanted to send you my thanks, because you made placing that client so much easier. The company was incredibly impressed with your resume, and your client starts his new position in 2 weeks. I look forward to recommending you, and in developing an ongoing relationship with your firm.

Kimberly Philips, Engineering Headhunter

Dear Alesia: I am convinced it was that terrific follow-up letter you prepared after I flubbed my interview that got me back into the company. My next interview with them is in 2 weeks. PLEASE, let's schedule some interviewing coaching sessions ASAP. Email me tomorrow with potential times/dates and we'll coordinate our schedules. Please "partner," help me with this, too!

Daniel Prosski, Information Technology USA

As CEO of a multi million dollar executive search firm, I read or reviewed about ten thousand resumes during the last twelve years (roughly 200 per week times 12 years!).

About sixty percent of these resumes I'd rate as average...unacceptably poor...or over written to the point of being outright obnoxious.

During my many years reading resumes, I have come to learn of many professional resume writers. Some professional services actually do more harm than good by writing "overdone" resumes. None of our clients and corporate managers/executives like them. I look for facts, not hype. Attempts to throw hype in my face annoy and aggravate me....on the other end of the spectrum are the finer, truly professional resume services...the best of these, is in Rochelle Park, N.J....always professionally formatted and easiest to follow...our recruiters tend to call their individuals first.

Frank G. Risalvato, C.P.C. CEO
IRES, Inc. Affiliated Companies

Alesia, when you said you developed AGGRESSIVE CVs, you weren't kidding! Sent out 13 CVs, received 11 interviews and 10 offers. Amazing! Now my wife and son also need your expertise - they are job searching, too!

F. "Willy" Preston, Sales and Marketing Director

Hi Alesia, it has been several months since we linked up through Finance Ladders. I could not begin to tell you the positive response I had with my new resume. I landed several interviews within weeks and accepted a new position shortly after. Thank you so much for your honest critique and efforts to create what I refer to as "the masterpiece." You definitely know how to bring out the best of people and emphasize the value they can add to an organization.

Tracy Allison

Alesia, I KNOW I made you crazy until I decided to retain your firm with a million questions, but I had NEVER purchased anything over the Internet, and I was really leery. Thank goodness I trusted you! I landed the job and am heading up XXXXXX's European division. I'll send you a post card from Zurich.

Kenneth Stanwell, Sales Executive
International client

Hey Bill: new contact info. Yes, I changed jobs! Special thanks to Tony at the US Chamber of Commerce challenging me to change my life and Alesia for her great resume writing skills. She says she can get you an interview in 30 days - I got hired in 30 days.

Chrissy Ward, Marketing

I honestly can't believe the response. I spot tested the resume at two local pharma companies over the past few days and have received screening calls. The posting emails are full of requests for interviews. It’s going to take me the weekend to sift through it all. Great Job.

Frank Lupo, Technology

NEVER did I imagine the difference my new resume would make in my job search. I just can't believe it. I am the same person with the same experience and the same credentials...but the resume you prepared has opened doors to companies that were not only previously shut, but dead-bolted! God bless you Alesia.

Karin McGeary, Food and Beverage Manager

Just dropping you a note: I took a position with (name of financial institution). The resume opened the door at Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Bank of New York, PNC Bank. MetLife, Fisher Investments. New England Financial Group. Everyone except Merrill made me an offer.

Never thought I would get so many interviews as well as so many offers. Thanks for your help.

Chris DeLuca, Management

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Just a quick note to express my gratitude to I know how difficult it was to work with my crew, but by putting together each staff member's resume as strongly as you did, we were able to land the biggest contract to date (just under $1 million).

Bergen Management Ltd.

Alesia: thank you for overseeing all the resumes prepared for our displaced employees. Your understanding and sensitivity is to be commended. We sincerely thank you for making this transition period as pain-free as possible. New offers are already coming in for many. I guarantee you'll get many, many, many referrals because of your professionalism and great results.

Weight Watchers

Dear Ms. Benedict: I am very grateful our company selected your firm to help out us "outplaced employees" (as we are now called). Most of this department has been here for over 15 years, and we were all clueless as to how to conduct a successful job search - and forget about us even trying to develop a resume that would "sell our skills!." Your power resumes and great advice really made us more confident, and guess what? Not only have we all been interviewing, but Bill, Susan, Ishtum, Jennifer, Carole, Lee and myself have already LANDED new positions thanks to you.

Outplaced Employee,
Automatic Toll Services

Ms. Benedict, CPRW: What can I say? Even though I had heard about you from other business associates, I did not expect such fine results. After working for a company for over 20 years, my decision to be a transportation consultant has come true. The business resume you developed, and the targeted mailing campaign we did has really paid off. Finally, I am my own boss and free from Corporate America!

Owner, Transportation Operations, Inc.

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Alesia Benedict is truly a leader in our field and an inspiration to other resume writers. Recognized as one of the top 10 resume writers in the country, we have been fortunate to have her as a Featured Speaker at our National Conferences. She has been a monthly columnist in the Professional Association of resume Writers' industry publication and continues to receive rave reviews from members for her strategies and insights, which she presents in an honest and straight-forward manner. Alesia has done much to improve the professionalism of fellow resume writers and continually assists her peers in achieving and maintaining the highest industry standards and ethics.

Frank Fox
Executive Director, Professional Association of Resume Writers

Alesia Benedict - one of the stars of the career coaching field...

Don Ascher
Leading employment expert and author of The Overnight Job Change series.

Alesia Benedict is truly a credit to the employment industry. As one of the top 10 resume writers in the country, her writing style is outstanding and her ability to market her clients' skills is striking. I have enormous respect for her professionalism, ethics and dedication. All I can say is thank you, Alesia, for all your assistance in making my book a number one seller in its field. I look forward to working with you again on my next book.

Jay Block
Nationally recognized employment coach and author of 101 Best Resumes, McGraw Hill

Dear Alesia: I wanted to thank you for your help in making this book [America's Top Resume for America's Top Jobs] so good. The resumes you submitted were a great help and even more would have been included if there had been room. In the months to come, I plan to do other resume books using sample resumes from you. Please keep me in mind and send me resumes you think are particularly good. Thanks again for all the excellent resumes. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by me and others here at JIST [publishing company].

J. Michael Farr
Author of America's Top Resumes for America's Top Jobs, Jist Publications

Alesia, I spoke with you briefly at the convention in Scottsdale. My purpose of emailing you today is to let you know how much I enjoy your articles [in our industry's trade publication] and how right I think they are. I have seen first-hand how [other resume writers] have taken the ideas you present and apply them to their businesses. I hope you will continue to write for the [publication] and share your ideas which positively impact so many people.

Your recognition of the fact that everyone is not you and everyone may not agree with your views...shows great professionalism and integrity on your part.

I speak for many when I say, thanks for all your efforts...we truly appreciate it.

Sandy Saburn, Resume Writer, Coastal Resume Writers

Alesia Benedict's articles are a treasury of information and ideas. I have found something in each of her articles that enhances my skills and services.

Darby Deihl, Resume Writer, D'Scribe Resumes

Alesia - I wanted to thank you for being so generous in sharing your strategies and methods with us [fellow resume writers]. Your efforts have increased the value of my Professional Association of Resume Writers' membership tenfold. Great article -- as always -- in the November issue [of our industry's trade publication, Spotlight]. I was delighted to also read that you'll be spearheading the development of member support literature. Keep up the wonderful mentoring. You're a great leader to us all. Thanks again!

Deborah L. Schuster, CPRW, The Lettersmith

Alesia: You never fail to blow my socks off every time I read one of your articles. Merci for loving us [other resume writers] so much.

Nadine Luck, Resume Writer, All Resumes by Nadine Luck, CPRW

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